Ryan Weiss


You Blew Me Away Yesterday

Yesterday I asked you three questions that sat heavily with me and I really needed to hear what you had to say.

I didn’t expect to hear back, but your responses moved me deeply. You are wise, strong, profoundly loving people.

This morning, I wanted your voices to be shared with our community. Here’s a few excerpts from what you all had to say. It’s a longer email this morning, but I hope you take the time to read the wisdom you shared with me:

We are human – not perfect. Just you asking the question means you have remained conscience thru your experience. I just try and choose words and actions that do the least amount of damage.lol. I don’t think it’s possible to be in an honest relationship without some pain that goes hand in hand with an honest discussion. We do our best. Sometimes all we can be is ‘good enough’ working thru intense issues.

I think that when you love someone, no matter how hard it gets, you still love them. Every relationship has ups & downs. Love is a socially accepted form of insanity. You are going to make crazy decisions. That’s ok. That’s how you know you care.

I definitely believe it’s possible to be in a relationship and stay loving even when it gets tough. However, it definitely takes two in order to communicate effectively and really HEAR each other. This is the biggest challenge especially when both people are heated and upset. That’s when defenses are up and it’s hard to talk to each other. I think space and a cooling off period is a must before that conversation can happen.

I like to think that in relationships it’s ultimately possible to remain conscious and loving. I’m not there yet! Since love relationships are about giving and receiving love – if there are places within us that we don’t feel loving toward ourselves, it will be difficult to receive love from our partner and it will be difficult not to take things personally if our wounds – our I’m not enoughness – have been ignited.

I do think the rough times are worth going through – and growing through – so long as you stay honest to your heart and answer these questions: is this relationship inspiring me… Is this relationship filled with the kind of love I want (because we all show love in different ways)…Is this relationship making me happy…and most importantly am I my best self in this relationship?


Thank you for creating this community. I want you to know that about 200 of us are reading this email. I want us all to take a moment to close our eyes and connect with each other – know that someone else in your town, or across the continent is doing the same. It’s highly likely someone else is reading this at the exact moment you are and is closing his eyes right now knowing that you are doing the same. If you have a prayer for everyone reading this, I invite you to to add it to our connection meditation this morning.

So, just sit quietly, and like Professor Xavier goes into his X Men room to locate mutants with his mind, let’s all do the same through a brief, quiet meditation now.

Shine bright, love big. You are not alone.